Piano variations on Dark Eyes (with sheet music)

A few weeks ago I made a video of swing variations on the famous russian/gipsy tune Dark Eyes.

As some people have been asking for the sheet music, here it is !
Les yeux noirs / Dark Eyes

Like my previous one it is under a Creative Common licence, which means you can do pretty much everything of it but you must cite A. de Lamarmotte as the original author. Don’t hesistate to tell me if you see any obvious mistakes !

And here is the source-code of the file. Enjoy !


\version "2.12.3"

*  L E S   Y E U X  N O I R S
* Version 0 - 31/03/2012
* This arrangement is licensed under a
* Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
* The full text of the licence can be found here:
* http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
* In a nutshell, YOU ARE FREE to share (copy, distribute, transmit),
* to remix or adapt the work, and to make commercial use of the work. 
* BUT I ask you to cite "A. de la Marmotte" as the original author
* if you do any of the things above, just so that I can see what this
* little piece is becoming.
* Ideas for improvements are most welcome !

\header {
  title = " Les yeux noirs - Dark eyes - Очи чёрные"
  subtitle = "Variations by A. de Lamarmotte"
  subsubtitle = "On the famous Russian Gipsy song"
  arranger="Grenoble, France, August 2012"
  composer = "This is a free work ( licence CC BY 3.0)"
  tagline = "Work licenced under licensed a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License"

% In what follows, one line represents one bar.

global = {
  \key d \minor
  \time 4/4  

right = \new Voice \with {
    \remove "Note_heads_engraver"
    \consists "Completion_heads_engraver"
  \partial 4. {gis'8 a'4}
  <g' bes'>4. <g' a'>4. r4
  r2. \acciaccatura{gis'16}<e' a'>4
  <f' bes'>4. <d' a'>4. r4
  r4 r8 d'8 f' a' d''4
  d''2 \grace{e'16[ f' fis']} g'8 d''4 cis''8~cis''4.
  gis'8 a'8 f''8 cis''4
  e''8-^ f''16 e'' d''8 a' gis' g' f' d'
  f' g' gis' a' f''4 g''4
  f''\prall d''16 f'' g'' a'' bes''4 d''8 d'''4
  \ottava #1
  <f''' bes'''>4.-^ <g''' c''''>4-^ <f''' bes'''>
  <e''' gis'''>8 <f''' a'''>8 a'' <cis''' e'''> <d''' f'''> \ottava #0  f''
 <gis'' cis'''> <a'' d'''> d'' <e'' gis''> <f'' a''> a'
 <cis'' e''> <d'' f''> f' gis'
 \times 2/3 {a' bis' a'} g' f' e' d' cis' bes
 \change Staff = "left"
 a  g f e d cis bes, a, 
    { r4 <f a b>4. <f a b>4 <f a b>8-^~<f a b>4} \\
    {d1 r4}
 \change Staff = "right"
 a'8 gis' a' c'' b'4
 bes'4 a'8 gis' a' c'' b' bes'4
 a'8 gis' a' f'' e'' cis'' a'
 \times 2/3 {g' a' g'} e' g'  \times 2/3 {f' g' f'} d' f'
 \times 2/3 {e' f' e'} cis' e'  d' a c' b
 bes d' f' a' d' f' fis' g'
 bes' d'' e'' g' bes' d'' e'' g''
    { a''1 r2} \\
    {r4 c''8 f'' \times 2/3 {e'' f'' e''} a' e''
     \times 2/3 {d'' e'' d''} a' }
   f''4-^ g''4-^
   \times 2/3 { f''8-^ g'' f''} bes' bes'' \times 2/3 { e''-^ f'' e''} bes' bes''
   \times 2/3 { f''-^ g'' f''} bes' <e'' bes''>4 <e'' bes'' e'''>4.
   \times 2/3 { e''8-^ f'' e''} a' a'' \times 2/3 { d''-^ e'' d''} a' a''
   \times 2/3 { e''-^ f'' e''} a' <d'' a''>4 <d'' a''>4 a'8
   \times 2/3 { d'' e'' d''} cis'' c'' b' bes' a' g'
   e' g' bes' cis'' e'' g'' bes'' cis'''
   d'''4 <d'' f'' a'' b''> r4
   \clef bass
   <d f a b >
   \clef treble
   r4 <d' d''>4 <e' e''> <f' f''>
  <g'' fis'>8 g' bes' d'' e'' d'' bes' g'
  \times 2/3 { f' g' f'} e' dis' e' g' bes' gis'
  a' cis'' f'' cis'' e'' d'' a' f'
  \times 2/3 { e' f' e'} \times 2/3 { d' f' d'}
  \times 2/3 { cis' f' cis'} \times 2/3 { b f' b}
  bes d' f' bes' d'' bes' g' fis'
  f' e' <g' c''>2 <g' bes'>4
  <f' a'>4-.  <e'' gis''>8(<f'' a''>4) a'4.
  \grace{bes'16[ b'16]} c''4 <gis'' b''>8(<c''' a''>4) a'4.
  bes'8 d'' f'' fis'' g'' f'' d'' bes'
  \times 2/3 { a' bes' a'} gis' a' cis'' e'' g'' bes''
  a''4 <d'' f'' d'''>8 <d'' f'' d'''>4 <d'' f'' cis'''>8 <d'' f'' cis'''>4
  <d'' f'' c'''>8 <d'' f'' c'''>4 <d'' f'' b''>4 <d'' f'' b''>8 <d'' f'' bes''>4
  \times 2/3 { a''8 bes'' a''} g'' f'' e'' d'' cis'' bes'
  a' g' f' e' d' cis' bes a
  \time 3/4  
  \acciaccatura{<d' f a>8}<d' f a>4-^
  \acciaccatura{<d' e gis>8}<d' e gis>4-^
  \acciaccatura{<d' e g>8}<d' e g>4-^
  \time 4/4  
    {\arpeggioArrowDown <d' e f a>4\arpeggio r2.  } \\
    {r4 \times 12/20 {e16[ f a ais b e' f' a' ais' b' e'' f'' a'' ais'' b''
               \ottava #1
               e''' f''' a''' ais''' b'''] }}>>
    <d''' f''' a''' d''''>1
  \bar "|."


left = \new Voice \with {
    \remove "Note_heads_engraver"
    \consists "Completion_heads_engraver"
  \partial 4. {r4.}
  <e g bes d'>4 <e g bes d'>4 <e g bes d'>4 <e g bes d'>4  
  <e g a cis'>4 <e g a cis'>4 <e g a cis'>4 <e g a cis'>4
  < d f a b>4 < d f a b>4 < d f a b>4 < d f a b>4
  < d f a b>4 < d f a b>4 < d f a b>4 < d f a b>4
  <e g bes d'>4 <e g bes d'>4 <e g bes d'>4 <e g bes d'>4  
  <e g a cis'>4 <e g a cis'>4 <e g a cis'>4 <e g a cis'>4
  < d f a b>4 r2.
  <g bes d' f'>2 r2
  \clef treble
  <gis'' cis'''>2
  <a'' d'''>4 r2.
  <a cis' e'>4 r2.
  \clef bass
  <a, e,>4 r2.
  d,2 a,,4. d,4.
  r4 f2
  e4 <g bes d'> d <g bes d'>
  cis <e g a> a, <e g a>
  d <f a b> a, <f a b>
  d <f a b> a, <f a b>
  c <g bes c'> d <g bes c'>
  e <g bes c'> c <g bes c'>
  f <a c' d'> e <a c' d'>
  d <a c' d'> c <a c' d'>
  <g, g> <bes d' f'> <bes, bes> <bes d' e'>
  <c c'> <bes d' f'> <cis cis'> <cis' e' g'>
  <d d'> <d' f' a'> <cis cis'> <d' f'>
  <c c'> <d' f'> <b, b> <d' f'>
  <bes, bes> <e g a> a, <e g a>
  b, <e g a> cis <e g a>
  \clef treble
  <d' f' a' b'>4 <d' f' a' b'>4.
  \clef bass
  \ottava #-1
  <d,, d,>2  \sustainOff
  \ottava #0
  <g, g>4 <bes d' e'> d, <bes d' e'>
  a, <g bes d'> cis <e g a>
  d <f a b> e <f a b>
  f <d a b> a, <f a b>
  g, <f bes d'> d <f bes d'>
  c <g bes c'> e <g bes c'>
  <f a c' d'>4 r2 <f a c' d'>4
  <fis a c' d'>4 r2 <d fis a c'>4
  g4 <bes d' e'> d4 <g bes d'>
  cis <e  a g> a, <e  a g>
  <d, d>-^ <f a b> <d, d>-^ <dis, dis>-^
  <e, e>-^ <f, f>-^ <fis, fis>-^ <d, d>-^
  <g g,>4 <bes d' e'> d,4 <g bes d>
a, <e  a g> cis <e  a g>
  \time 3/4  
  \acciaccatura{<d f>8}<d f>4-^
  \acciaccatura{<cis e>8}<cis e>4-^
    \acciaccatura{<c ees>8}<c ees>4-^
  \time 4/4  
  <d, a, d>1\arpeggio
  \clef treble
  <d'' a''>2
  \clef bass
  <d d,>2
  \bar "|."
#(set-global-staff-size 18)

\score {
  \new PianoStaff \with {
    instrumentName = "Piano"
  } <<
    \new Staff = "right" \with {
      midiInstrument = "acoustic grand"
    } \right
    \new Staff = "left" \with {
      midiInstrument = "acoustic grand"
    } { \clef bass \left }
  \layout { }
  \midi {
    \context {
      tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment 100 4)