Overstressed ? Here, take some bacteria !

The European jamboree of the 2012 iGEM competition (a synthetic biology contest for undergraduates) is over. And our team didn’t make it through to the world finals at Boston’s MIT 😦 .
Given that the event took place in Amsterdam, maybe this small project of mine would have given us more chances:

Hallucicoli, symbiosis meets happiness

Not sure, however, that it would be appreciated in Boston, as the FBI is one of iGEM’s main sponsors !

So what do you think… Feasible ? Marketable ?

It is a little akward to put such things on the internet, expecially if you, reader, are my future employer, so here is a disclaimer: this is just for fun (note, however, that right now real people are leading a real project to make bacteria produce THC). I do not support the use of drugs under any form and I never, ever had weed in my life (which may not be the case of many of the European iGEMers, who spent three very happy days in Amsterdam !)


E. coli versus the sun

I am really happy to see that the Zurich 2012 iGEM team has been designing a bacteria for sun protection. I had a similar idea a few months ago and I made a few fun slides out of it:

Bioshield – Natural Sun Protection

It seems that the team focused on sun detection and sunscreen agent production, while my concern with a bacteria-based sunscreen had been things like how to make a bacterial biofilm skin-adhesive and water-resistant. Has anyone any idea ?

What synthetic biology (and your cat) can do for you

As they would say in my engineering school, a good scientific project is a scientific project with a good business model. Here is an idea that I developed one year ago for a start-up incubator’s workshop in Vienna, just  after I first heard of synthetic biology and the iGEM competition  :

Moppycat, your house’s best companion (pdf)

The potential market is just enormous… Anyone here wanting to invest ?