Where I live(d)

Grenoble, France

I have this weird hobby of getting up very soon and walking as far as I can from home (any shrink in the audience ?). Here is what you can see when you do that around Grenoble.

Vercors – Mont Moucherotte (by foot)

Vercors – view on the Chartreuse from the Vouillants (by foot)

Belledone seen from the Vercors (by foot)

The Chartreuse seen from the Vercors (by foot)

The valley of Grenoble seen from the Vercors (by foot)

The tooth above the village of Crolles, seen from Belledone (by tramway+foot)

The Lac Robert in Belledone (by bus+foot)

A chamois at the Charmant Som in the Chartreuse (by foot)

Vienna, Austria

I spent the two years before Grenoble in Vienna. Here are a few places that really grew on me.

Flowers in the Alpengarten (Vienna). One of the most beautiful fower garden I have ever seen.

A statue on the National Opera. If you ever go there, don’t miss the 4€ stehplätze (standing places). We actually spent mor money on the biscuits and the Almdudler (herbal lemonade) for the entract than on the show itself 🙂

Klosterneuburg seen from the Kahlenberg, with Kreuzenstein’s castle in the background (let’s walk there !)

Kreuzenstein, north from Vienna

A hot wine stand at Karlsplatz’s christmas market (Vienna)

A squirrel kissing a duck in the garden of the Schönbrunn Palace. I loved these squirrels and spent hours trying to teach them tricks.

An abandomned tomb in the old St. Marx Graveyard (Vienna)

Mozart’s commemorative grave at St. Marx (Vienna)

Houses near Kreuzenstein

Korneuburg, north from Vienna, yet another town with a rat-piper legend !

Wineyards on the Kahlenberg (above Vienna). I mixed two photos of the same place taken in different seasons.

Complementary of the photo above


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